COVID-19: Time To Rethink.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Happy.

The current COVID-19 situation has well and truly plunged the world into the unknown, and in the U.K, people are still grasping the rules of social distancing and coming to terms with new ways of living. No socialising, no date nights, no gym classes and no visiting friends and loved ones. These really are trying times. We are all in this together, and we have to be if we want our lives to resume as ‘normal’– but at the same time, we are isolated from others entirely, adjusting to our new life routines.

Whilst our natural instinct can be to panic in these situations- and rightly so, people are dying at a fast rate and the death toll is increasing as the days go by- but we can all take something away from this experience. Yes, they are trying times, but for many of us, they are still full of luxury. We have homes with running water, facilities to cook and bathe, we have T.V subscriptions at our fingertips, we have the internet where (if we really wanted to), we could learn new skills or fulfil our hobbies- we are so fortunate.

I am one of the lucky ones, I get to work from home and spend time with my family, on full pay. A week’s annual leave to be spent at my family’s home has already turned into three weeks in lockdown, but I recognise myself as one of the luckier people. I will forever be grateful to all of our wonderful NHS staff and key workers- some of which are my family and friends, who are working around the clock to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to also support the running of the country. My job right now is easy, I have to stay at home, I will continue to follow the Government Guidelines, and until further notice I will not be leaving my home unless it is absolutely necessary.

For many of us, this situation is like nothing that we have ever been through before- when was the last time countries across the globe shut their countries down and enforced lockdown regulations in order to keep people safe? Every News outlet and every Radio station is constantly reporting on the movement of COVID-19, in fact I can’t remember the last time I heard about the weather on the T.V, or anything else for that matter! It really does consume you and rightly so. But the way in which you choose to spend your time during this period, will impact whether it consumes you and causes you distress, or it consumes you and encourages you to reflect on aspects of your life that can be improved.

Spending the majority of time at home can be a recipe for productivity (getting it done), or disaster (becoming lazy, sluggish and not doing much at all). I really worried in the early days of how I would cope working from home, not going to the gym, not being in my own home…but actually it has been surprisingly refreshing. Again, I recognise that the position that I am in is much simpler, I am blessed to have such a wonderful family to spend my isolation with, we are all keeping busy in and around the home and just spending time with each other that we usually cannot do, unless it is in Festive periods.

What is truly important to you during this time will come to light. The people who are important to you couldn’t be any clearer. In times where you have to rethink the way you live your life, it is simply not important to value your materialistic goods, or your exotic holidays, or people who choose to wander in and out of your life whenever they feel like it. The time period that we are in now allows us to reassess our standpoint on how we progress forward with our lives and who we move forward with. If there is one thing I wish to take away from this period of time in my life, a significant moment in history to come, it is to really focus on the quality not quantity of those in my life, those who I dedicate my time to.

What is important at this very moment in time is ensuring our mind is clear, there is no time right now to hoard bad energy, or hold on to relationships with people who are not worth having in your life. In order for us to keep our heads above water and remain positive, we need to prioritise what is and is not the end of the world. I started my cleanse with a detox from my Social Media accounts- I just want a break from the constant posts about COVID-19, how stressful it is for people that they have to stay home and how stressful it is to go grocery shopping. I’m pretty tired of hearing people complain in all honesty. If we are to battle through this invisible virus, we really need to just shut up, listen and get on with it.

It takes some time to adjust, we are three weeks into our lockdown and settling into a new routine has been a challenge, but I am rolling with it now. I’m using this time as complete ‘down time‘ from the usual busy, fast pace lifestyle that I lead. It feels good to just live a simple life, around my loved ones, with the absolute luxury of being able to contact my loved ones that I cannot see right now. Spending more time focusing on the important things in life.

COVID-19 is an opportunity to completely rethink the way that you live your life, a time to make changes- it is a clean break. If you haven’t already, think about positive changes that you can make to your own life and when life does resume, you will already be one step ahead- because if COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is to stop and think. Until life does resume, stay home and stay safe.

L x

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