Players Only Love You When They’re Playing.

Yes, these are lyrics to a great Fleetwood Mac song, but nevertheless, I couldn’t agree more with this simple statement. It may have taken me at least half of my twenties and a couple of my teen years to realise, but it really is true.

When there is a game to be played, and it has worth to that person, oh, they are very happy to play. But when they no longer gain from the situation, you will have no place within their lives, and the ‘love’ that they have declared for you will be non-existent. There is nothing worse than being dragged into a game that you never wanted to play. You went in with your intentions angelic and pure, cards on the table, treating them with nothing but absolute honesty and loyalty. They unfortunately did not start this game with good intentions- it was just a bit of fun…

You may or may not have had an idea that they were game players from the beginning, but it makes no odds, because even if you did have a suspicion, you would still want to give them a chance- you see the good in them. When somebody is playing a game, they can act up to whatever it is you want from them…Or at least entice you in by displaying some of those all important character traits- maybe not promise you anything, but certainly lead you to believe that they feel the same as you and that you are both on the same page. Perfect, the game has well and truly begun.

Now, this is not to say that they didn’t like you at all. They probably did, they were attracted in some way…and it is not to say that they didn’t grow fond of you as a person- but their intention was never to invest in you. They enjoyed you for a while- you get on, you have things in common, you can quite easily spend time with them, you have great sex together and it’s a vibe- but that is all it is. They will never be planning to make it official, not that you were asking for a status- but you won’t even get their word. Well you will, but it won’t be honest, there will be lots of lies wrapped up in there, some you will learn of and some you will never know about.

You will never want to see them in a bad light, ever. You love them- pure and simple, and you are getting wrapped up into something that isn’t real, they are not being real with you. The loyalty that you have when it comes to them will not match up to theirs with you. There is no loyalty, they will think nothing of climbing into bed with somebody else, you may discover this happened and it will hurt you, but they won’t see it as something that they need to be sorry for. They broke a promise, they didn’t cheat- your not official remember? They will be sorry they got caught, this pushes them back a few steps in their game, because now you may feel a little wiser and start to ask questions which call them out on the shady moves that they are making.

When the questions start, the game starts to slow down- they are running out of answers and moves that they can make, which keeps you further enough way from them, but close enough so that they can have you when it suits. But now, as you start to piece the puzzle together, you have lots of questions and they have no answers. It isn’t really working for them now- they don’t have free rein anymore…it’s not fun for them anymore, it got boring for them since you started to wise up.

Suddenly, all of those declarations of love, the compliments, the sweet times spent together, are all taken away, in one whole scoop- no questions answered, no questions asked, it will feel like you never existed to them, like it never happened. It cuts deep, but there is nothing you can do. Since you called it out and since you quit listening to untruths, there was a concise decision made to stop all games. That love that you thought was real, the vibe that you thought you had, suddenly becomes alien to you… Nothing but cold conversation is what it will eventually turn into.

You shouldn’t have to prepare for this to happen, but unfortunately this is still so common, and people are so good at it! People act well- it can be hard to find the ones who are genuine, people have game plans and won’t think twice about your feelings in the thick of it all…They will enjoy you, in every aspect that they wish, and you will enjoy them, but when they are done, be prepared to be dropped. It was a matter of convenience, you filled them with love and you gave them all of you- but they were never going to commit…It was just a bit of fun.

Players only love you when they’re playing…Not a moment after.

L x

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