Quarantine Top Tips

I am heading into my fourth week of lockdown in the U.K. It has taken a while to get adjusted to my new (temporary) lifestyle. So, I have some quarantine Top Tips which are helping me through the days during this very uncertain time.

1. No Motivation To Be Productive? It’s Okay!

There is alot of online ‘self help’ support to encourage people to stay in their routines. People are going crazy, cooking and becoming professional bakers, exercising no end, this can make us think: why am I not doing any of this?! If you have been motivated from day one, then good for you- it definitely helps to maintain positive mental health. If you are like me, and it has or is taking you a while to get settled into a routine, it is okay! This is a big lifestyle change, it is okay to lack motivation and it is okay to take some time to chill…Do things in your own time. Whilst your productivity may hit new low points, don’t beat yourself up about it. It will just make you feel agitated and frustrated, causing yourself stress that is not necessary right now.

2. Think About The Use Of Social Media

Social Media certainly has its uses, especially during times where we are all actively staying updated with the current global crisis. We can quite easily access information that we need about the COVID-19 outbreak and we can talk to others who are in the same boat as us. Nevertheless, some of the information that we can come across online can be false, laced with public opinion that you may or may not want to have to read. I am only a few days into my Social Media cleanse, but I certainly feel better for it already! I am enjoying not having my mobile phone glued to my fingertips, aimlessly scrolling through Facebook and Instagram posts. I am enjoying a break from this- I perhaps needed it before COVID-19 hit, but this situation has encouraged me to step back from it- and it is helping. It is worth considering your Social Media usage, and again, it’s all down to personal preference, but if you are starting to feel slightly edgy or anxious about what you are seeing or reading on Social Media, monitor it more closely.

3. Keep In Touch With Your Loved Ones

I really feel for those who are self isolating alone. The lack of physical contact is alien to the world in which we exist. So, for my family and friends who are alone during this time, I feel especially proud of right now! Keeping in touch is basically all we can do, and sometimes, just hearing that persons voice is calming in itself. Whatever it might be, phonecall, sending a text, videocall- maybe some people are throwing it back to the days of writing letters- who knows!? Either way, stay in touch, it’s good to check in. For me, I am particularly aware of my loved ones who are sadly isolating alone or are in more tricky home life situations, so I am making more of a conscious effort to keep in regular contact- we don’t know for sure how long this will last for- we have to stay connected as best as we possibly can.

4. Be Creative

Having a creative flare is useful. Being creative does not necessarily mean drawing and painting. It can be anything, wherever the wind blows you. Cooking, baking, gardening, writing, colouring in, DIY at home- it doesn’t really matter, just something that you can put your hand to which requires you to put your thoughts into something else. Whether you are home all day furloughed, or whether you are working from home, having a creative outlet is good, it means you can take a break from everything COVID-19 related and put your energy into something that you enjoy. The days can be quite long at the moment, so having something to do also passes the time- and might even be productive use of your time! Although I have been writing blogs for a long time, it is never something that I have really given much thought to, but right now, it is my little bit of haven, something for me to zone into. I would encourage you greatly to find your creative flare and use it!

5. Exercise Daily

Everything that is remotely exercise related is everywhere. Right now, we cannot escape it. Whether you are a keen athlete, or you hate exercising, whilst this lockdown continues, exercise- whatever form it may take, is essential. For a woman who trains on a daily basis, the weeks where I wasn’t doing my usual amount of training was hard. When you are confined to the house, getting out for an hour is refreshing. Likewise, once you start getting sluggish, you start feeling sluggish inside and it can be a bit of a downward spiral. So, exercise! I am a massive exercise advocate anyway, but in times like this, it is more important than ever for your mental health. Also, beach bodies still continued to be made, even in quarantine!

6. Get Into A Routine

This is essential to getting through this period of our lives. The majority of us are all used to our daily routines, and actually, even though we complain about work and not having much time to do anything else, as soon as that all important routine has been stripped away from us, all of a sudden we are unsure of what to do next! If you can stick to your routine, it just makes life much easier. Still getting up at the same time each day, sticking to your usual meal times etc, provides a little bit of structure to the days ahead. As I am becoming more used to the quarantine, I am finding that my routine has more or less returned now and I feel more settled because of this. In the early days, I was all over the place, working from home was the biggest challenge that I have faced so far, but I have kinda got the hang of it, so everything else is falling back into place. When you wake up in the morning, make sure you know what day it is…When the days all start rolling into one and you’ve lost track of what day it actually is, then you have a problem. A routine of some sort is better than nothing.

With love to you during the most difficult times we are facing.

L x

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