Life’s Little Love Lesson.

Love is the most complicated human emotion that one can ever experience. It has us on our knees begging for that love to be returned, for that safe and secure feeling in the presence of another being. It is simply electrifying when there is a spark, a soul connection and a growing love for another person, it makes you feel alive. Love amplifies the emotion we feel, when your love for somebody is real, your emotions are so high and so passionate, and you remain in the little bubble of love for as long as possible, because it feels so energetic yet so positively peaceful.

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So when it comes to heartbreak, it just becomes a whirlwind of conflicting emotions. You can love somebody so truly, madly, deeply, but know with absolute certainty that you cannot be with that person…and this is the struggle that we face. It is a constant battle between, feeling afraid that you will never find that connection again, and accepting that if you are single for the rest of your life, it is better than a relationship that would have never worked in the long run.

Love is all of the heightened moments that are full of fun, joy and spontaneity, and when there is a real genuine connection, it almost becomes a loss when that connection no longer exists. No matter how much you value and love a person, there is a certain point that is reached when that original sense of safety with somebody has disappeared, and much to your own sadness, something that you wanted, can no longer be. This is a real conflict of interest moment that becomes a battle within the mind. Every time that you have to physically see that person, is another little crush to your already broken heart, and a bittersweet moment that prompts memories you would prefer to forget.

Adding A Hookah To Date Night - Hookah Lounges & Hookah At Home

When it all starts to fall down, the love that you so desperately wanted, becomes the very thing that is destroying you- it is not good for your soul and you know it. Your heart is full of happy and loving moments, but your heart is heavy and it shows. You can love a person entirely, despite their flaws, but when it all comes crashing down, your mind starts to send you a consistent message to tell you that this needs to stop. Cutting contact is sometimes one of the hardest things to do when you love somebody; your heart is not ready to let go, but your mind has been made up- and once it has been cut, there is no returning to that relationship. It can be too tempting having something in front of you that you want, but know you cannot have.

You can never talk to a person again, and still have respect for that person, and if this demonstrates anything to you, this should be resilience, maturity and growth. Whether they belong to somebody else, or your souls just don’t connect the way a healthy connection would display, either way, letting go is a relief. If you are able to love freely and feel no bitterness when relationships break down, you are showing your strength, by loving yourself enough to realise what is no longer serving you. You are respecting your soul by not exposing it to a love that will only be for the short term and will not be a love that you truly deserve. Life is far too short, make those connections count.

L x

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