5 Ways To Look After Your Soul.

1. Be in tune with the energy around you.

It really starts with some evaluation and self reflection- and for me, this is essential for your soul. It comes down to knowing exactly who you are and having clear thoughts and feelings about what is for you, and what is not for you. We are so much more than verbal communication and actions. That feeling you have, when you feel that something is right or wrong, the gut feeling? Listen to it. We all react to energy… When you are surrounded by people who radiate positive vibes, are kind and genuine, we naturally feel that energy around us, it may feel like a net of safety and calmness… The whole ‘good vibes’ phrase, isn’t just a 21st Century saying. There is a much deeper meaning to it and something that we all should tune into, and listen to those feelings that we get. As human beings, being around negativity has a domino effect, and before we even realise, we have suddenly become wrapped up in some bad vibes- and we too, feel impacted by this. When you recognise this feeling, it is essential to cut that connection loose- it can be a difficult thing to do, especially if this comes from a valued friend, or even a family member… The energy that we surround ourselves with is detrimental to who we become, how we feel and how we love- assess those connections, choose your circle wisely- it is up to you to create a safe space what you will share with others.

2. Value things that don’t cost a thing.

Who can really say that they have it all? What constitutes being rich? To most people, to be considered rich, would be to have possessions that cost money, to have all of the materialistic belongings, countless money in the bank and, in simpler terms, to never have to financially struggle, or feel the pressures of financial strain. As a population, we are so eager to have it all, the belongings that cost us a lot of money are usually the possessions that we value the most, we don’t want to break something or lose something. What about all of the things in life that are free? Why not strive to have all of those good things? Family, friendships, kindness, loyalty, happiness…Just to name a few. We are all different, and we all have different personalities, but we can have these things in our lives, by living a life filled with self-love, a life that appreciates the things that make us feel happy and content- a life where we recognise what is around us. Value all of the love, the people, the kind gestures and the compassion within your life…Love and laugh often- these types of things never go out of fashion, and they don’t cost a thing.

3. Relax, Reflect and Recover.

Life gets busy. Sometimes it may feel like a little bit of a juggling act with not enough hours in the day to get everything done. The old saying: “don’t burn the candle at both ends” is very important and something that we should all take on board. There has to be some time to rest, granted, we all rest differently and this doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to sleep constantly, but do take some time out to relax and rest your body in whatever way you feel is best for you. Take the time to reflect on what you have been doing, make the changes that you need to make if any, and plan for the future. This is a standard part of life and one that should be something that we automatically do from time to time to prevent the feeling of being in ‘auto-pilot‘ mode. We are all guilty of going day by day, without actually paying attention to what is going on, how our body feels and what we need in order to keep pushing forward- when you take the time to relax, you are giving yourself the perfect opportunity to allow your body to recover and recharge, with the time to reflect.

4. Food for thought.

Feed your body, and feed your body right. I am not an advocate for diets, but I have come to the conclusion in more recent years of my life, that a diet that is rich in nutrients, balanced and tasty is good fuel for the body, which in turn, does make me feel better. This is not to say that you need to stick to a strict diet regime- the word ‘diet’ has so many negative connetations attached to it , that it may be better to avoid this type of terminology when considering food. Nevertheless, we all deserve to indulge sometimes, but do consider what you put into your body and your eating habits. It is something so simple, but something that we cannot live without. Feed your soul with goodness and this radiates to the outside of your body. When our bodies are fed, we start to feel healthier, our brains have fuel and in turn, we can achieve so much more and have the energy to do more! It is amazing to see what the body is capable of when it is fed properly- be kind to your body; feed it well and feed it regularly- you wouldn’t leave your car on the red light for too long, so apply the same theory to you and your own body.

5. Be at one with nature and your surroundings.

Studies tell us that spending time in nature is an antidote for stress: it can contribute towards improving our mood, lowering stress hormone levels and anxiety- just to name a few health benefits! Being in touch with your surroundings automatically allows you to de-stress and feel calmer. It can take all different forms, so whatever type of person you are, there is always something you can do what will involve nature and all of its glory. Whether you are playing sports outside, or simply sunbathing, it all has the same outcome- getting out in the sunshine when you can, in the fresh air, around the trees, the sky and wildlife is healthy for anybody and everybody! You can always find some form of nature, no matter where you are- even if you growing your own plants in your home, this counts towards this. Show appreciation for everything that we are so lucky to have surrounding us, there is so much beauty in the world- breathe deeply, recognise this and enjoy being at one with nature.

L x

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