Life’s Little Love Lesson.

Love is the most complicated human emotion that one can ever experience. It has us on our knees begging for that love to be returned, for that safe and secure feeling in the presence of another being. It is simply electrifying when there is a spark, a soul connection and a growing love for anotherContinue reading “Life’s Little Love Lesson.”

He’s Just Not That Into You.

5 signs that the person you are investing in, is just not that into you. 5 simple signs that he, for some reason, is just not that into you. You being beautiful- inside and out, you being a empath- compassionate and understanding of his needs, you being a motivated and driven woman with confidence, andContinue reading “He’s Just Not That Into You.”

Be Better, Never Bitter.

In my opinion, there is nothing good about feeling or being bitter towards a situation that hurt you. What do you achieve by being bitter? Nothing, other than tormenting and disrupting your own energy and peace. When we find ourselves in a situation that cause us to feel hurt, naturally, our emotions can and doContinue reading “Be Better, Never Bitter.”

How Many Times Can The Same Person Break Your Heart?

The simple answer: as many times as you let them. It all depends on how many times you are going to allow one person to steal your happiness, your positivity and your energy. It depends on how many second chances you decide to give to that person, how many times you turn a blind eyeContinue reading “How Many Times Can The Same Person Break Your Heart?”

3 Steps To Accepting Your Grief

In the mist of loss, shock, heartbreak, anger, denial, comes grief. There is no feeling like it, it is so many emotions all bunched up into one, and when you are grieving your body and mind are just totally consumed by it. It can feel like one very tiring battle, something that cannot be escapedContinue reading “3 Steps To Accepting Your Grief”

Players Only Love You When They’re Playing.

Yes, these are lyrics to a great Fleetwood Mac song, but nevertheless, I couldn’t agree more with this simple statement. It may have taken me at least half of my twenties and a couple of my teen years to realise, but it really is true. When there is a game to be played, and itContinue reading “Players Only Love You When They’re Playing.”

COVID-19: Time To Rethink.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Happy. The current COVID-19 situation has well and truly plunged the world into the unknown, and in the U.K, people are still grasping the rules of social distancing and coming to terms with new ways of living. No socialising, no date nights, no gym classes and no visiting friends andContinue reading “COVID-19: Time To Rethink.”

Life After Loss

It’s not about getting over it. It’s about learning to live with it. 27th February 2018 was the day that my life changed forever. There will always be a life before and after, who I am now is different to the person I was before- in all of the sad and heartbreaking ways, but alsoContinue reading “Life After Loss”

Always Choose You

I think it’s crazy the way we prioritise our relationships before ourselves. Consciously, we know that we should put ourselves first, but we know that there are stages where we don’t. When we have somebody to share our lives with, they gain status in our life- we suddenly feel this obligation to include them, butContinue reading “Always Choose You”

5 Keys To A Lasting Relationship

Relationships are not always plain sailing. They don’t always last, and sometimes it is a simple case of not being right for one another. In my experience, I have found that there are some factors that are so important within a relationship for me, and the absence of them can cause disruption. We should allContinue reading “5 Keys To A Lasting Relationship”

The Narcissist (Part 2)

Now, you just entered some deep water, you are losing your balance and your control…Everything is calm for a while, then there is a wave of arguments that you have caused. They just cannot understand why you are getting upset?! What is wrong with you, seriously? You hear that a lot. Each time this cycleContinue reading “The Narcissist (Part 2)”

The Narcissist (Part 1)

It will start with harmless conversation, subtle flirting- but always appropriate, never crude- because subconsciously, you will already be thinking: ‘oh, I like their kindness…they have a sensitive side’. Of course, we like this. We like to feel like there is depth to a person.  Conversation develops, the frequency increases, texts become phone calls andContinue reading “The Narcissist (Part 1)”