He’s Just Not That Into You.

5 signs that the person you are investing in, is just not that into you. 5 simple signs that he, for some reason, is just not that into you. You being beautiful- inside and out, you being a empath- compassionate and understanding of his needs, you being a motivated and driven woman with confidence, andContinue reading “He’s Just Not That Into You.”

Be Better, Never Bitter.

In my opinion, there is nothing good about feeling or being bitter towards a situation that hurt you. What do you achieve by being bitter? Nothing, other than tormenting and disrupting your own energy and peace. When we find ourselves in a situation that cause us to feel hurt, naturally, our emotions can and doContinue reading “Be Better, Never Bitter.”

The Narcissist (Part 2)

Now, you just entered some deep water, you are losing your balance and your control…Everything is calm for a while, then there is a wave of arguments that you have caused. They just cannot understand why you are getting upset?! What is wrong with you, seriously? You hear that a lot. Each time this cycleContinue reading “The Narcissist (Part 2)”

The Narcissist (Part 1)

It will start with harmless conversation, subtle flirting- but always appropriate, never crude- because subconsciously, you will already be thinking: ‘oh, I like their kindness…they have a sensitive side’. Of course, we like this. We like to feel like there is depth to a person.  Conversation develops, the frequency increases, texts become phone calls andContinue reading “The Narcissist (Part 1)”